Here, the yard owner can find the first recommendations for maintaining the established lawn area, in the case of special solutions, it is recommended to consult a competent gardener before carrying out the work.

The most important maintenance condition for a lawn carpet is consistent watering. Immediately after laying, it is necessary to thoroughly water the lawn area, daily for at least fourteen days. If the lawn has already reached its growth potential, then it is recommended to water as needed, depending on the length of the dry season, the nature of the soil and the shade of the yard area. In the future, it is advisable to water the growing grass infrequently, but thoroughly, in order to maintain the best possible drought resistance. To optimize the amount of water, it is recommended to water early in the morning or in the evening. In the absence of a permanent irrigation system, it is possible to use bar sprinklers, as a rule two repositionable ones are optimal, here the choice depends on the size of the area to be irrigated and the pressure capacity of the water system.

It is recommended to mow the newly installed grass carpet from the seventh day. As a rule, up to a third of the total length of the grass plant is mowed, and with each mowing, the height can be reduced by up to three centimeters. Dry weather is suitable for mowing, if dense piles of grass remain on the lawn, then it is necessary to clean or scatter them. For mowing, you must use a hand mower that is as sharp as possible. It is worth starting mowing with a lawn tractor or a lawn robot when the grass has reached a sufficiently good growth capacity, depending on the completion of the construction work, but as a rule, in the next landscaping season.

From the thirtieth day after planting, it is allowed to fertilize the lawn. In the first half of the summer, with a permanent lawn fertilizer or nitrogen-rich fertilizer, in the second half of the summer, rather with potassium sulfate or monopotassium phosphate. Since the product range of fertilizers is wide enough and changes over time, it is worth asking the seller of a particular fertilizer for exact instructions.

For the sake of grass regeneration, it is worth choosing the growing season of the appropriate grass variety for aerating, in addition, it is necessary to make sure that the grass surface to be aerated is sufficiently moist, if necessary, the dry grass area can also be watered beforehand. As a rule, one aeration procedure per year is sufficient, in the case of porous soil, aeration can be carried out every two to three years. In order to better apply the effect of aeration, it is recommended to water, if necessary, fertilize directly and over-sow during the next few weeks.

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